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Friday, October 21, 2016

Flashback Fashion Friday: Weekly OOTD Round-Up


Patriotism Over Party
 These photos are really trippy... Cause do you wanna focus on the American flag? Or shall we focus on voting? Both are crucial to the American way of life.

PSA: MAKE SURE YOU GO OUT AND VOTE! Vote Early! Vote on November 8th!

Voted Early!
 Monday, showered- woohoo, went to work, I voted early! Then had dinner with mom and Grandma.


Tuesday, I went to test drive a few cars that I had my eye on. Then had a program at work.


Wednesday, I left work early under the impression that we would be fully moved out of our old house. No such luck- I'm a joke.

A video for my YouTube channel in the works. Moving is quite the process! Stay tuned...

Essentially the outfit from last Monday...

Don't let this photo fool you, it rained- hard-- I went car shopping again. Had my hopes and dreams dashed. Saw two car accidents, so I suppose I'm lucky to have my health.



I plea temporary insanity, the rain and the pressure of car shopping -- cause I'm wearing literally the same outfit from Monday. I'm a wreak. I'm a mess.

I'm hardly an adult. Though I took this Buzzfeed quiz and it said I was... JOKES!

Welp, TGIF am I right?!



Wednesday, October 19, 2016

When KJB & Meg Met Andy & Gav

Seriously one of the best days of 2016! So please enjoy this video and read all about this adventure!



The Best of The Last Two Weeks

Nothing new today, so please enjoy this video from yesterday, up on my YouTube channel now!

The best part about the new iOS update, are the iMovies that the Photos app will make. 


Happy Hump Day!



Friday, October 14, 2016

Flashback Fashion Friday: OOTD Round-Up

Here's to Fair Week... My favorite week to live in Lancaster, though I haven't gotten to go just yet- moving across town changed everything!

Not Pictured.

White blouse, patterned black and white pants.

Mondays though.


Brought out my Valfre Coffin Case!

Put my keys on my new puff/pom from Charlotte Russe, and I totally felt like a Chanel.


This blouse is my new favorite kind of orange, burnt orange and it has kick ass bell sleeves! Thank you, Target!


Apparently this week had a color theme, I stayed at the top of the rainbow with the reds and oranges.


Finally going to the fair tonight and tomorrow! I cannot wait! So much food to eat!



Thursday, October 13, 2016

AK for the Weekend...

If you had told me in 2010, that I would still love going to Akron after graduating, I would've laughed,  in your face~ actually if you would've told me my degree would've been from The University of Akron, I wouldn't have known how to deal.

But I did graduate from UA and I do love going back to Akron, probably more than my car, wallet or mother like~ but I digress.

This past weekend for Homecoming, I wanted to have the perfect fall weekend- full of sunflower fields, Stan Hwyet, tailgating, apple orchards and pumpkin patches. 

Of course, life has a way of mucking up those plans, but I had a wonderful weekend all the same!

We missed out on the sunflower field, but we were able to finally make it to ULTA to see the OPI Washington DC Collection and also had dinner at The Rail.

I worked at Summit Mall for two years and lived in Akron for four and a half and never went to The Rail, and boy oh boy was that a mistake! I had the MOST DELICIOUS meal! 7th Heaven Burger (Ohio thick-cut bacon | truffle butter | red onion jam), yes please and Gouda Mac & Cheese Bites with buffalo ranch dip, YAAAAASSSSSSS KWEEN!

7th Heaven Burger, and I swear I was eating with the Camdens 

Gouda Mac & Cheese Bites
After dinner, we went back to my friend's house and just talked while enjoying Sparkling Pink Moscato, it was a dream!

Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Mustard Seed and we were able to sit on the patio, an actual dream!

Due to work schedules we weren't able to go to the sunflower field or apple orchard or pumpkin patch, but when there's a will~ there's a way- and instead we made our own.

Sunflowers may be my new second favorite flower, I'm not sure what my first would be, but I don't want to commit to anything just yet!

The tailgate started at 12PM, the game started at 3PM. It was a lot of fun to say the least.

Being I was still recovering from whatever happened at Gavin, and staying up until 1:30 on Friday, after going to the mall after the tailgate and taking a 2 hour nap, I was done for the count and ended up staying in~ watching Picture This on Netflix while trying to take off my gel polish, it didn't work out so well. I ended up in bed and asleep by 10:30. What a wild Homecoming Weekend!

Sunday involved waking up from what felt like a coma~ you know when you have a really solid nap and wake up with a headache, that was me. We went to Starbucks and then Giant Eagle and then went back home to make breakfast (I just watched).

I'm not sure what I did until 1:30 when I finally mustered the energy to get on the road to go home. But I had a great weekend and bought so many new nail polishes!

The rental car I had, has now forced my hand into car shopping, thankfully two friends just did this, so it's like they're doing it again.

Stay tuned for that saga!



Wednesday, October 12, 2016

When My MCMs Distracted From My WCWs....

Last Wednesday, it was 12:08am, technically on Thursday morning before I realized that I hadn't posted that day's Woman Crush Wednesday... I realized this as I drifted off to blissful Gavin DeGraw filled dreams, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Wednesday, I had to take my mom to the doctor, she's been having issues with her back since we started to move this summer (spoiler alert~ we're still moving). So Megan and I accompanied mom to her doctor's appointment so I could take notes and pay attention to anything mom might have missed when she was presumably laughing... Good thing too because at one point while checking her blood pressure~ the  HOT male nurse, Justin (I do my due diligence), had to have her stop laughing and really talking so he could get an accurate read.

After the doctor's appointment, we had breakfast- I would call it brunch but it was 10 AM so definitely still breakfast at First Watch.

Then we went to my favorite place in town, Art & Clay on Main, that had it's finished paint job.

Afterwards, 'dinner' it was like 3 PM at Raising Cane's, so that we could  get ready for the MAIN EVENT:

Gavin DeGraw & Andy Grammer!!

The whole day was fabulous and the night was somehow even better...

We arrived at 5, and stood in line where Megan spend $5 before we even got inside. $2 to a guy peddling a CD & $3 to a homeless vet for a newspaper that she told him to keep. We got 21+ wristbands.

Doors opened at 6, we were checked and patted down. We went to the bar to get drinks and then found spots right in front of the ground level. We had second drinks by the time the opener, Wrambel came on at 7. Then they broke down set up for Andy.

It Didn't Work Out

A girl passed out while we waited a few people over from us. We had to call out to the event staff. A guy in a blue shirt pushed his way in. He took the girl and her friend. I looked at Megan and was like- if they get to sit down... Megan - then I'll faint. Me- good, give me something sad beforehand so I can really sell it. Megan- you'll never be 25 sitting on 25 mil. Then before Andy- went on- they came back- the fainted girl came back with water. Me to Megan- I'll faint for water.

At 8:30? Perhaps he came on. Started with a great medley of keep your head up and fine by me. His band was awesome.

During his set I started to feel like puking and had to make a trip to the bathroom. I missed only 2 songs. Made it back through the throngs. Had to shuffle some fuck out of my standing room.

He went on for 2 songs too many, in my opinion.

I came back. I felt better.

Andy was done. The kid next to me left the area. Two girls came into his spot upsetting the girl behind us.

The girl's boyfriend came back and yelled and pushed her out of the way and it was whatever.

Then Gavin came on finally after what felt like an hour(update it was an hour) at 9:44. Opened with chariot. My god. Then best I ever had. Could see directly into its face. Then after a slowed down seemingly acoustic version of I'm in love with a girl- I started to feel like death again and the woman in front of me was grinding on the air. Why I don't know-- so I looked at Megan and was just like- I need water and I won't be coming back. You can stay up here if you want but I can't. She agreed it was no longer ideal. We went to the bar. The bartender realizing that I was clearly unwell after me telling him I wasn't sure what was wrong gave us glasses of water. He watched Gavin from there. I realized that people were leaving and thought I just want to lay down.

We got the approval to sit over by the pizza counter and another glass of water-- we listened some more. Then a woman sat atop the counter and Megan and I realized in the car after that we had both wanted to do the same but couldn't survive having to move if an employee had told us to.

Andy and his band came back on to finish the evening with Gavin and the guys singing Hey Jude.

Andy Grammer & Gavin DeGraw

We Thought This Was As Close As It Gets

Megan and I weren't sure whether or not that Gavin  was going to do the meet and greet but after it was over people were leaving and I moved closer and then after watching for a bit. And taking photos with him in the back we were like let's just get closer. So we went down and I was taking photos of Gavin from afar. Then he got closer and he sang to the couple and then after hugging this girl I ended up right in front and his security was like we have to go. And I was like- just staring. And he took another photo with the Nathan Scott kid this time with his girlfriend cause she missed the first one and then he signed a ticket and then he looked at me and I was like, "hi Gavin, I love kite like girl" and he was like thanks. Thanks for coming. What's your name baby? Jordan. so you like kite like girl? {It was VERY Regina George to Cady Heron: So you agree? You think you're really pretty. AND I WAS LIVING!!} And I was saying yes and suddenly he has my phone and Megan was there and he took our photo.

And then I died.


On The way home I realized that he cared about my admission cause the album has only been out two weeks, it's not a single yet and he didn't play it at the concert.

Then we made his Instagram post from the show.

It looks like I'm crying... but that didn't happen until I left the venue

I'm in heaven.

It's Been A Week, And I'm Still Weak




I hope you enjoyed this stream of consciousness. Written the next day while I watched my Snapchat on a loop. Seriously, the best concert ever~ I'm not sure how anything could top the first time I met Gavin DeGraw, but this one so did!

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