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Saturday, January 14, 2017

KJB About Town: Bloomington, IN

Our next adventure in KJB About Town... I went to Bloomington!

That's right~ the first weekend of 2017, I spent it in Bloomington! If you never knew, The Baileys LOVE Bloomington,  and I mean- the entire, Bailey clan~ my family LOVES the Hoosiers!

Why did I go to Bloomington? Well, it has to do with my Alpha Gamma Delta volunteer job-- yup, I went to Bloomington to help out with Recruitment, it was incredible!

This weekend exceeded my expectations cause I was able to go to the fan favorite- Mother Bear's!

Mother Bears booth


The first weekend of 2017, was truly frigid. I doubt Indiana's weather is that different than Ohio's~ but I wasn't ready.

Guys, it was freezing!

I'm seriously so obsessed with the home decor of Beta Delta, the Alpha Gamma Delta FHC really knows what they're doing!

Getting to go to IU and getting to have a moderate collegiate experience when I was taking on tours of the different sororities and campus- it was something I really enjoyed. 

Alumni Hall

Alumni Hall

I Mean- COME ON!



KJB About Town: Downtown Lancaster Part Trois


Favorite Holiday Filter!


The building The Well is in~ used to house Hammond's and it's truly an incredible building!

~Surprise presents~


The Well is known for good food and by good, I mean healthy~ as much as I try, I cannot get into it... But I could get into this apple platter. It had deliciously crisp, thin slices of apples, pecans and caramel. Seriously~ so good!

The Monday before Christmas the staff had a luncheon at The Well. It was a lot of fun!

Let it be known, once you have a Christmas party on a Monday- it's hard to go back to work for the rest of the week.


Friday, January 13, 2017

Flashback Fashion Friday: OOTD Round Up

Another week of in-service so my wardrobe this week was made up of jeans and leggings, but I got dressed with you in mind so that I would want to take a photo of my outfit!

Here ya go:


I can't even describe this aesthetic... but I was freezing which explains my next outfit...


Long sleeves, a blanket scarf and a head-warmer, of course- the temperature was a lot different than Monday... oy vey!

I got my nails done, finally! & Mom and I went to see Hidden Figures and seriously- god bless! Seriously an incredible movie- go see it!


I did some serious work in the Museum Shop today!


Happy Birthday Momma!

I finished up my serious work from Wednesday! I cannot wait to get all of the new merch and to set it!



It's a three day weekend, y'all!

Next week, we'll be back in action with business-casual or however you usually categorize my outfits. And jeans will be a thing of the past!

Friday, January 6, 2017

What I've Been Up To...

This week has been a crazy start to 2017. But so far- it's better than the last 3 months of 2016, I can tell you that!

If you follow me on Instagram, and if you don't~ I'll wait.... That's better.


If you follow me on Instagram, you will have noticed that there were no OOTDs this week. That's because the first two weeks of this month is a staff in-service at work and I had plenty of things to do and none of which required cute outfits. There were leggings and jeans and Nikes.

So there's NO Flashback Fashion Friday today. I apologize!

I had to put together a few things at work and start AND finish inventory. But I DID IT! Woohoo!

Next week, I'll do better. That's a promise! Though clothing wise- it'll be more of the same... but I have some ideas to spruce it up!

Now I'm off to Bloomington to help with Recruitment! I can't wait!

xo, KJB

Saturday, December 31, 2016

KJB's Twenty-Sixteen Round Up....

2016 was quite the adventure. It was basically a tremendous rollercoaster~ tons of ups and down and that's being kind. The HIGHs were extremely high and the LOWs were extremely low.

Here's a breakdown of the major events [that made the cut into my agenda]:

RIP David Bowie
Jade moved to North Dakota
I made my first of many trips north to my vacation place.
I started my job search
Zayn released Pillowtalk
Louis' baby, Freddie was born
Tyra had her baby

Wonderfully terrible 24th Birthday Extravaganza including a trip to Manny's and went to Cleveland
My friend's baby shower
I got another tattoo

Voted in the Primary
My sorority sister had her second baby
Mom and I went to Cleveland over Spring Break~ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and A Christmas Story House
Sent my resume to DACO and went to my first interview at the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio
I was hired at DACO and had my first day

I went to Florida with my bff and her family~ for a post-grad Spring Break
I went to one of my favorite events, Songfest!
Took a trip to Warren to see one of my sisters for the first time in TWO years!
Chaperoned my first sorority event, Date Party and went to their philanthropy event, Alpha Gamma Delta Olympics
RIP Prince
Beyonce dropped her film, Lemonade ~ ESSENTIALLY, life was never the same!
The friend who's baby shower I went to in February, was born
The first exhibition I participated at work closed

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Morgan and Brendan got married: #FitzPerfectly
Our next exhibition opened: Edith Head & Company: Costumes and Jewelry from 1924-2015
At the end of the month, Disney Channel had their Disney Channel Original Movie Marathon to celebrate their 100th DCOM: Adventures in Babysitting
I started my weekly segments of Woman Crush Wednesday and Flashback Fashion Friday

Downtown Lancaster had their Walk-A-Bout to start off the summer season for DDL (Destination Downtown Lancaster)
RIP to the victims of the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL.
Adventures in Babysitting, 100th DCOM, premiered
Went to see Finding Dory
The Tour of Homes
Megan and Jen came to see Edith Head and then we went to the zoo!
The Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship
The middle of the month was my last day at Lane Bryant
The Hamilton soundtrack was realized AND LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN THE SAME

Mom and I started our apartment hunt
The Lancaster Festival started with the Art Walk!
JK Rowling released Harry Potter and the Cursed Child; though I still haven't read it yet
A group of my sorority sisters and myself went to Pittsburg

MTV celebrated 10 years since the premiere of The Hills with the marathon
My friends came for a visit, shopping was involved~ along with a much needed trip to Sephora
Mom and I moved into our new apartment
Edith Head closed
The Rio Olympics began and Michael and Boomer Phelps were front and center, not to mention Simone Biles being the powerhouse that she is
My friend, Liz, taught a class on Lilly sailboats at my happy place, Art & Clay on Main

Jen and Megan came down for Labor Day weekend; wonder pedicures to be had
An Ohio Childhood: 200 Years of Growing Up opens
Mom and I went to see Jim Gaffigan's stand up in Columbus at the Palace Theatre
I was invited to join my sorority's Recruitment Team and became a Recruitment Specialist
Traveled to Omega to help with Recruitment

Went to AK for Homecoming and my wonderfully fall weekend
Of course there was Fair Week, the best week of October and of course~ I never made it there
Megan and I went to the Gavin DeGraw Concert! IT WAS INCREDIBLE!
I bought my first car~ YAY ADULTING
PBS had a Hamilton program~ all the behind the scenes excellence
One of my best friends from junior high/high school lost her mother, I helped the best I could
My sorority sister, my big, lost her brother

October wasn't a great month overall

I went to AK to help my sorority sister and her family through their loss
Another best friend lost her grandma
We had our first Thanksgiving in our new apartment
I had my first Black Friday and Small Business Saturday at the Museum Shop
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was released on Netflix... I seriously can't even get into this... still.
The Chicago Cubs and The Cleveland Indians were in the World Series.
Of course, there was the tragic outcome of Election Day, I'm still at a loss but everyday does in fact get better
I started to look into getting my Master's~ I do in fact need to get more serious about looking into it
There was an SVU Marathon every weekend, and it was glorious
I started my 2016 Christmas Card-A-Poolza

#TeamPetty went to the zoo lights~ it was splendid
One of my Greek Life peers was killed
Victoria's Secret had their INFAMOUS Fashion Show~ in Paris nonetheless
I had my 7th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party and some truly crazy things happened~ like the fire  and gas department made an appearance type crazy
Bae turned three and we went to her birthday party this weekend! It's truly the highlight of the year, every year.
RIP Carrie Fisher
RIP Debbie Reynolds
Poor Billie Lourd

2016 was a lot like the old springtime idiom, "in like a lamb, out like a lion." The last three months of 2016, really kicked my ass and quite a few of my friends.

Here's hoping 2017 treats you and yours better than the end of 2016 treated me and mine!

Happy New Year!



UPDATE: The pictures are the ones shared on social media. Always remember, life is a lot more than the images shared on social media. Just because your social media has a ton of pretty pictures, it doesn't mean that every day is a pretty picture kind of day... it's the same for everyone.