KJB’s Lent Promises

I think it’s safe to say that 2017 seemed to go on forever so imagine the surprised that January 2018 has gone on for years. Seriously you have to have seen all the memes. 

So naturally it took me awhile to get on the resolutions or rather habit changing. So I spent my Wednesday adding eight blue boxes to my planner so I can do a water log for the year. Knowing that with all my good intentions that I probably will fall off the wagon but I’ll try to keep it going. 

Then I started to think about Lent, my friend is giving up being petty and being a group of my best friends and myself call ourselves, Team Petty, it’s literally never happening. So then I consider giving up sweets and then I realize that Lent 1) begins on Valentine’s Day and 2) I stopped depriving myself of stuff I want 3) freshman year’s lent experience. Then there’s the fact that I could not drink anything besides water (freshman year) but then there’s just so much time in between and i have no self control when I really want something. I get the premise of Lent but I don’t think this will be the year to jump back in the saddle. 

My pastor once pointed out that you don’t have to give something up for Lent you could pick something up- so while I wanted to get stronger after seeing Wonder Woman and I did some things, after watching a Buzzfeed video- I’m gonna do 100 squats a day for 40 days. 

Starting to do the 8 glasses a day was a start and I think this will be a great way to jump start me getting back into the swing of working out regularly, I haven’t had a routine since 2013 so why not do it for Jesus in 2018. 


EDIT: I began my Valentine’s Day with the 100 squats and let me tell you- this is about to be a long 40 days! 

WCW: Alaina's Run

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday! Here's an update from Alaina Pinto!

IT'S HAPPENING! I'm running the BOSTON MARATHON for the Ronald McDonald House of Boston Harbor! I hope you can help me on this journey - both running and *more importantly* RAISING! My goal is to raise $10,000+ for this wonderful organization. Any contribution is appreciated ❤️ click on the link to donate! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Here's what Alaina had to say:
Hi Friends! I never thought I would run a marathon. In fact, I thought I would be crazy to consider it! Here I am, it's 2018, and I am running the Boston Marathon - I guess I'm a little crazy... it's fine. Typically, for this race, you must qualify for it OR you can apply to join a charity team. That's what this sloth runner is doing. I'm running and raising for the Ronald McDonald House of Boston Harbor. I AM THRILLED AND ALSO TERRIFIED. I don't know what I'm more afraid of, running 26.2 or raising $10,000 for the house that love built. Either way, I will accomplish both. (Insert shameless plug, here, asking for donations by following this link).
As of the first of February, I have been running, or working out, almost every day, eating well and have completed 8 miles as my longest trek with some hill training mixed in. I have two full months to get my longest run to 23 before race day. I got this. Honestly, my biggest accomplishment has been staying sober the entire month of January and I will continue to stay sober until Patriots' Day which is Monday, April 16.
I wouldn't be able to do this without the RMHC team and my boyfriend who is running the marathon with me. I imagine we will cross the finish line and kiss. Swoon. I have heard from many Boston Marathon finishers that crossing the finish line is one of the best and most memorable feelings in their entire life - will I feel that way? Stay tuned. 
Feel free to make donations here and show our WCW alum some love!

Run, Alaina, Run!


Follow Alaina's journey here:

KJB’s Mardi Gras Dreams

Aside from Christmas and my birthday, my favorite holiday is Mardi Gras. I can’t explain it but I’ve never wanted to experience anything more in my life than Bourbon Street in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. 

When I turned 18, I had the brilliant idea that a group of my friends and myself should go to Canada, so we could imbibe and then head to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. In 2010, it coincided with President’s Day so we could’ve had basically a five day weekend. It was a brilliant idea that didn’t come to fruition... who did I think I was to think I had the money to go to Canada and New Orleans... even at 18, I wanted to be a jet setter I guess. 

This year, I thought it was finally MY year! Chicago is back to Columbus and my sorority big (we share a birthday) loves the movie and has never seen the play. So I naturally thought we could do that and then- Mardi Gras is finally back to not only being near our birthday but actually ON OUR BIRTHDAY! So the plan was for us to go to New Orleans for a few days. But of course, I moved across the country and she’s in grad school and work so it definitely isn’t happening this year. But rest assured it’s happening eventually! 

So thanks to this I now know the dates of Mardi Gras until 2027, and guess what- February 13, 2024 is our next chance for Mardi Gras to be on the same day! It’s in 6 years, I’ll be 32 and I’m hyped. 

My big also pointed out We can go for a few days in 2021 ... our birthday, Valentine’s Day and discount candy day followed by Mardi Gras. That’s only 3 years out! I’ll be turning 29 and it’ll be her dirty 30! It’ll be perfect and hopefully by then- we won’t have some BS adulting responsibilities that’ll keep me from the dream! 

So catch us in NoLa in 2021!



KJB is Turning 26!

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday, it honestly seems unreal! 

At 24, I celebrated my birthday with friends in akron after defiling my best friends’ bathroom and ending my love of Taco Bell and fireball. 

Followed by a really painful night in Cleveland. Being hungover is hard af.

I still remember being excited about turning 25, because it obvi meant a new ID— lucky for me, I moved and got another new ID cause the one last year left a lot to be desired. At 25, I celebrated my birthday with my mom at California Pizza Kitchen and then had a luncheon with my friends at Hilton Downtown Columbus. 

This year I’m celebrating 26 in another state and with my dog! So I started celebrating Sunday night by treating myself to Red Lobster! Yum! Today, Monday, I’m going to get a pedicure and then some birthday balloons. Tuesday, the main event, there’s  an alumnae event in San Francisco for Happy Hour and it seems promising. Then there’s Valentine’s Day and whatever shenanigans I can come up with and then this weekend for Presidents’ Day a friend is gonna be in San Francisco so Thomas and I are meeting her for a day! 

I’ve never celebrated my birthday alone before. Though since turning 25 and going on tons of solo adventures including moving across the country, I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with solitude. 

Funny how things can change. 

Happy Birthday to Me, KJB!

KJB Tries Bumble BFF

I always thought “don’t date in high school” cause you don’t want to take that with you to college. Then I went to college and thought “don’t date in college” because you don’t have to have a reason to stay in akron. All of this was in an attempt to not have any reason not to move back to California. As if my “total lack of allure didn’t shoot that horse in the face” first.

Recently I’ve realized how much I miss my Ohio friends and realize that they’re the people that would make me want to be closer. Interesting. Though I know that they would always be in my life. Once you’ve been in the trenches with someone it’s hard to lose them as friends.

Now comes the struggle of making new friends in my new city. Friendships in adulthood aren’t that easy. But here’s hoping Bumble is good for something especially if it’s Bumble BFF.


Where I've Been...

I’ve always had an active imagination and because of that I’ve always suffered from delusions of grandeur. I thought high school would be like all of my favorite classics, Clueless Meets 10 Things I Hate About You Meets Drive Me Crazy Meets mean girls. Basically if John Hughes and John Hughes like directors were in charge of my high school experience and not that extremely mundane with sporadic rites of passage. So if I was delusional to not figure out that high school wasn’t like a movie, I definitely didn’t realize that college wasn’t gonna be anything like GRΣΣK.

This isn’t to say that I didn’t have a wonderful high school experience, cause I totally did. So much so that it wasn’t until junior year of college when I stopped wishing I could go back. If you couldn’t connected the dots- junior year of college was when I started to actually enjoy college and the few friends I made early on were joined by lifelong friends that I have now.

All of this is to explain that after 15 years of daydreaming about moving back to California, reality has been a hard pill. First, I moved to northern California and not my beloved Southern California and then completely alone was a wild ride. Not to mention, I moved with $500 in my savings account so it’s not exactly like I’m living like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous plus there’s that pesky thing about not having any friends. Sure, I have family friends and some other friends in the area but they obviously have their own lives to live. So basically I’m upset that my life post college isn’t anything like Friends.

Though if I’m being honest, I had been living that life since graduating college and moving the 2 and half hours away from akron. It’s not like I got to see my college friends much but then I got my high school friends back, well the ones that hadn’t left the state but then again— they too had their own lives so our get togethers were sporadic and far between.

Thankfully I have Thomas, he kept me company while Mom was at work during my unemployment , and of course he was there for the cross country road trip from hell and even now in my Facility Director digs.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve been MIA trying to rectify what I imagined living in California would be like with what it’s actually like, along with getting the hang of my new job and life here in Davis and of course there’s being a puppy Mom and grad school (honestly who thought grad school was a good idea? Who needs a MPA?).

Bear with me while I navigate this new year and this new life.



KJB's Twenty-Seventeen Round Up...

Ya know how at the end of 2016, we were hoping 2017 would be better... I'm not sure what happened there, but the dumpster fire that is life continued. But in retrospect... a lot of great things also happened during the dumpster fire of 2017!

I mean politics were shit, but I continued my resolve to get involved! There's the RESIST Bot that sent constant text reminders, there were the organizations sending emails and of course, I was calling Senators Portman and Brown constantly! Imagine my surprise when I moved to Davis, and all my representatives are Democrats, what a relief!

Much like 2016's Round Up, here's the highlights brought to you by my planner:


Went on my first VST trip to Indiana University for Deferred Recruitment
Did my first (and would be my only) Museum Shop inventory
Disney Channel canceled Girl Meets World and I've never been so upset
Finally managed to review Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
Started my 3 month free trial of Apple Music
Went to the Pizzuti with the docents & DACO staff


WCW continued on KJB Meets World
Circular Abstractions: Bull's Eye Quilts opened at DACO
Went on my second VST trip to Towson University for Deferred Recruitment
Celebrated my 25th birthday with a lunch in Columbus
Went to Dayton to celebrate my friend's birthday
Went to Indianapolis for Regional Recruitment Training


Went to Chicago for Alpha Gamma Delta's first Circle in the City and to see my high school BFF
My friend from college had her wedding shower
Started graduate school at Indiana Wesleyan University!


I was scammed out of $500
I got a dog!
Went to Florida again with my BFF
Circular Abstractions: Bull's Eye Quilts closed at DACO


Jenny Han's Always and Forever, Lara Jean came out!
Three Voices: Conversations on Life and Conflict opened at DACO


My grandma sold her house
My friend's brother's burial service
My friend's wedding
Tour of Homes


Went to Indianapolis for TLC
Mom, Thomas & I went to Atlanta-- THAT GEORGIA AQUARIUM THOUGH! (You saw it Pitch Perfect 3, btw)
Descendants 2 premiered on Disney Channel


Went up to Akron for my BFF's Mom's surprise party
My aunt came to visit
Columbus Monthly's Punch N Brunch
Three Voices closed at DACO
I was laid off from DACO


Mom & I went to Bloomington for the Beta Delta House Dedication
Went to Baldwin Wallace on a VST visit & Maria's Field of Hope
My friend from high school's bachelorette
I was hired for my FD position with Theta
Saw Trixie Mattel in Columbus at The Funny Bone


Went to Akron for Homecoming, Bae's soccer game, & Szalay's Farm 
My friend from high school got married!
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend premiered
My big & I went to see Gavin Degraw in Athens, OH
The next day I began my three day journey to Davis, Ca 

Home Sweet Home


Met up with a friend from elementary school I haven't seen in 15 years
Voted in Lancaster's Mayoral race
Had Thanksgiving with family friends I haven't seen in over 15 years
Thomas & I went to San Jose to see my friends from Ohio that live here
Changed my mailing address


I tried for a second time to get a new ID to make up for the horrible new ID I got in February... and to register my car-- imagine my surprise that my Ohio ID wasn't enough information 
Christmas Cardapalooza 2017!
Thomas & I went home for Christmas
Had my 8th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

KJB Meets World turned 6!
Bae turned four!
Still killing it at grad school :)

Thanks for another great year! 2017 was tough af, my posts came less frequently as the months went on...  but here's to a more creative 2018.

Happy New Year!



WCW: Luu's Mi Cicatriz

It is my distinct pleasure to share with you an an additional update from our WCW Alum, Luisanna!

I have never been surrounded by so many women of color photographers in my life!! Needless to say , tonight was amazing and so inspiring !!! Thank you @mfonfoto for this beautiful event showcasing the work of Women Photographers of the African Diaspora, this was beautiful! 💗🌸🇩🇴 photo cred : @lolitalens ðŸ“¸✨
Luu hustle has been killing in NYC! Recently she started an Instagram for her newest and most current photo project, Mi Cicatriz. Currently the Instagram is BTS content. Luu is planning on publishing the book in the next year.

“LUU” - her scream pierced my eardrum, sending my whole body into a panic. That shriek was the last I heard before the darkness set in. Before losing consciousness, I remember whipping my head to see the other car barreling towards us. I gripped my steering wheel like it could somehow save me. It was too late. Soon, I was floating into an abyss of nothingness wondering if I was still alive. (excerpt from my scar story) - -
Each one of us has a unique story to tell, and we have all amassed scars along our diverse journeys. Whether physical or emotional, these scars have impacted our lives and as a result have forged us into who we are. I want to capture the beauty buried deep within those wounds, and reveal though my artistic medium of photography how healing self exploration can be. - -
I am excited to announce that I have been working on a personal project called “Mi Cicatriz” , My Scar , where I have been working with individuals to talk about their very personal scar stories. We meet, we vent, we collaborate ideas, we shoot and we create beautiful images that coincide with the story. - -
Do you want to be part of the project? I am still seeking individuals for “Mi Cicatriz”. You would need to be comfortable with having your story and images published. If you are worried about showing your face , have no fear, it doesn’t have to show in the portrait. For more information or if you know you are ready to join my journey please contact me : micicatriz.myscar@gmail.com . Also- check out my website : www.luisannatejada.com / Let’s work! 

Mi Cicatriz / Questionnaire
You can use these questions to help you in developing your ‘Cicatriz’ story - -

  1. What is your name?
  2. How did you get your scar? (describe your scar.. There are no right or wrong answers. This can
    be as serious or as silly as long as it is true.)
  3. Is your scar physical or emotional?
  4. How has this scar impacted your life?
  5. What obstacles did you face in dealing with your scar?
  6. Did you find healing?
  7. Did you learn anything from your scar about yourself? 

Can't wait to see what Luu and you come up with!


Follow Luu's journey here:

KJB the Northern Californian

Sorry for being MIA. I've just been trying to get my bearings. 

Life has been different since moving to Davis. Aside from working, I spend most of my time with my pup, Thomas. We're either watching Criminal Minds or Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I've also spent quite a bit of money, cause retail therapy. We also go to the dog park three times a week. 

I also enjoy going to the movies. The prices of said movies have been alarming but they certainly don't stop me!

While I have been dreaming of moving back to California since moving to Ohio in 2002, Northern California is rather surprising.

For the past few years, I have been trying to figure out what I could do that would get me back to California. With my Fashion Merchandising degree I certainly wasn't going to start making the type of money I would need to live in NYC or LA. It would take time, but naturally, that was time I didn't necessarily have. The longer I was in Ohio, the longer I thought I was drowning. But how does one move when they have nothing in savings and works in retail. So I began to think about what I could do.

It took a few years, and becoming aware of the House Director position within sororities when I was meeting my chapters through my VST position. I realized that this was my way of making it the 3,000 miles back to California. I also started to save money.

When I was laid off in September, I was terribly upset but this golden opportunity with Kappa Alpha Theta arose. I had planned on starting to look in the coming months, April to be more exact so imagine my surprise when their was an opening right here in Davis.

I broke all my rules, I had wanted to save up $5,000 in my savings account, naturally I had about $700. Luckily, I was able to bring Thomas and suddenly this long shot became a reality.

While taking the three days to drive from Ohio to California, it was interesting and exhausting and I realized this was the first time I was moving anywhere without knowing anyone. In high school, my top two colleges already had at one friend there, then in Akron two people from my senior class came and then I joined my sorority sophomore year and the rest is history. It was the morning of the third day, the day I would arrive in Davis, that I became to wonder if I had been too impulsive.

That night when I made it to Davis, brought all my stuff out of my car and went to Target for sheets. While in the checkout line, I was barely keeping it together when the cashier asked how I was doing and I told her how I had just moved here from Ohio. She mentioned how brave I was, that she doesn't even drive to the neighboring town by herself... I left Target and cried in the parking lot.

I haven't cried since. Well about the move, Lady Bird and Wonder both got me.

We have almost survived our first quarter in Davis and by the time we go back to Ohio for Christmas, I'll have all my paperwork done to start to be considered a California resident.

Residency is my next step in total domination. So I can go to law school for the in state tuition, not that that will help me too much.

It's been an adventure these last few weeks but it's been fun.

Stay tuned!



KJB’s Lent Promises

I think it’s safe to say that 2017 seemed to go on forever so imagine the surprised that January 2018 has gone on for years. Seriously you ...