WCW: Margaret Abrams Meets World

It's Wednesday~ which means it's time for another WCW...

World Meet Margaret Abrams! I'm obsessed with her and in a short while, you will be too- unless you already know this gem, in which case you too are obsessed!

When did you start writing? I was also pretty into writing and actually started doing interviews on a local access TV show called Swept Away when I was in middle school/high school. I interviewed early 2000s emo bands and we even filmed a pilot for The N! (Unfortunately it was never picked up, would have loved my Degrassi moment). In college I wrote for a short-lived Jewish newspaper called The Spiel and also for my college paper, where I did concert reviews/entertainment content. I didn't start writing professionally until the summer after I graduated college for Total Sorority Move. 

Can you tell me about your background? School? What set you up for this endeavor? Is this your sole job? If not, what else do you do? I majored in American Studies at Tulane--there actually wasn't a journalism program at all. I never even took a writing class. This is my sole job! I sometimes freelance for Teen Vogue and used to freelance for a few more publications, but don't anymore.

If you’re not doing it, what would your dream job be? This is it! Growing up I always wanted to be in the music business. But I also wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw, and she was a writer at the Observer so.

How important is social media to your business? 
Super important, but Twitter definitely used to be way more important. It's a really good way to connect with other writers, but it feels like other than that less people are on it.

 What would you say is your personal brand is? Definitely think ~southern girl in the city~.

What can others learn from you? That persistence is key, especially as a writer!

How do you do under pressure? How do you handle stress? 
By popping a Xanax and drinking more coffee. (Jk, kinda.) My mom always says "work absorbs anxiety," so by throwing myself into something new.

What’s the average day in the life of Margaret look like? 
Well I like to say that everyday is different like a bad OkCupid profile, but most are the same. I work in the Financial District and usually try to workout either before or after, although I am the world's worst morning person. I usually go to modelFIT in hopes of spotting a celeb, Box + Flow or yoga/Pilates if I'm feeling medium lazy. I attempt to make my lunch to avoid a sad desk salad. And then after work I usually have events, whether it's checking out a new band (most recently Loose Buttons http://observer.com/2017/02/loose-buttons-live-performance-new-order-cover/) or trying a new/weird workout class, like IMAX spin or blindfolded yoga.

Do you/Did you have a mentor/mentee? I didn't have an actual mentor, which is why I really really try to help folks out now (especially younger girls from my sorority who move to the city), but definitely had a ton of help along the way. Very grateful Veronica at Total Sorority Move accepted my pitches right after college graduation, my friend Alex Gehringer at College Candy was a fabulous editor and my editor at Observer always has fantastic ideas. Also grateful to folks at Racked and Virginia Smith at Vogue for giving me a chance (http://www.racked.com/2015/2/26/8107379/preppy-style-new-orleans-new-york).

How did you advance your career? Working really, really, really hard and freelancing for everyone. There were days/weeks where I was constantly on deadline, but I didn't stop pitching or writing and tried really hard to make deadlines, especially for new editors. Also by networking with everyone and trying to connect them with people to spread the karma. And by joining up with other really driven women! I actually got my current job through a secret Facebook group for lady writers. Also, taking writing classes! I worked with Sue Shapiro, who gave me incredible advice about pitching and writing.

Why do you do what you do? I always wanted to work in the music biz, but had a ridiculous experience post-grad (Glassnote Records offered me an internship where I would work in NYC for $6/a day, which was unlivable, so I stayed in New Orleans for 2 years because NYC scared me). In NOLA, I was doing social media for bands (Better Than Ezra) and then for restaurants, but wanted a more creative outlet, especially after writing my entire life. After a particularly rough heartbreak, I started writing about it + pitched to Veronica at TSM and then was freelance writing daily. Now, I absolutely love covering everything lifestyle. It's a great way to still be involved in music, try cool new workout classes and cover things in a snarky way. It's kind of a mix of trend forecasting, A&R and writing. I've also gotten to interview some of my serious icons, which is incredible, including Tim Gunn, Pat Field, Dashboard Confessional and Kate Nash--and coming up, I have interviews with Paris Hilton and Hillary Duff, hitting peak early 2000s content.

How would you describe your personal style? In winter, mostly every layer I own in an effort to channel Frosty the Snowman. But I did get a pair of crushed velvet blue boots and an internet pink coat with a leopard collar to make it more livable. But in general, punk rock prom queen if I'm channeling my early 2000s Something Corporate loving self. But a mix of preppy and my new life in Williamsburg. 

What makes up your wardrobe? I'm obsessed with Opening Ceremony's bags, Loeffler Randall's bags and shoes, Vince sweaters, high waisted skinny jeans, Lilly Pulitzer but only when I'm safely in Florida or in the Hamptons (you can take the girl out of the south, but she'll still have a Lilly planner), Rag & Bone booties and dresses, literally anything from Reformation but especially their leotards, V-necks and sweater dresses, anything Sandro, and a lot of leather, lace and in the winter, turtlenecks. 

In the summer, I'm still a sucker for a good sundress, wedges or Vince sandals. And an oversized jean jacket because I still don't understand N Also, pearls (I love this leather/pearls designer from Seaside, FL https://www.wendymignot.com/) and Mignon Faget, a fabulous NOLA designer who makes really chic silver. For workouts, I love Sweaty Betty, ADAY (I just helped them design a sports bra, which was very exciting) and my black and gold APL sneakers. 

Who is your fashion icon? Early Gwen Stefani (red lips, leopard), Audrey Hepburn 4ever (all black everything, sometimes a tiara), Reese Witherspoon (so southern), Solange (I wish, she is impossibly chic).

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment? Getting my current job!

What is your ‘must have’ accessory? I wear the Michelle watch my mom got me for graduation every single day. Also, diamond studs. And my Mignon Faget ring for Tulane grads.

What advice can you give others that look towards you to gauge success? Literally never stop hustling. Freelance, freelance, freelance! Write about topics you care about and explain to editors why you're the best person to cover that topic. Keep deadlines. Don't be scared to reach out to people. Follow up! It's more likely that someone forgot about your email than they don't want to respond to it. Find networking groups online. Connect with people in your industry and don't be afraid to ask them for help. Help them in return.

What advice can you give on failure? Failure always feels like the end of the world, but you will fail more times than you succeed. Keep learning from it. Don't give up, and try even harder the next time. Don't make it feel personal (even though it always does).

Guys, let me tell you-- me, KJB, I cry seeing this photo

What was your big break? Getting my current job was my biggest break, but getting pieces in Teen Vogue, which I literally grew up reading religiously, felt very, very major.

Are you a member of any organizations? Trade Organizations, etc. I'm a member of Binders on Facebook, Femsplain contributors (another cool, positive FB group) and Skimbassadors. I'm also in the Junior League and on their policy committee.

What’s next for you? Hopefully interviewing super cool people, making interesting video content, writing about topics I love and eventually 100 years from now writing a book. 
I simply ADORE Margaret! She is a hoot and a half on Twitter, and her articles are just perfect! 

Alpha Gamma Delta's Circle in the City

I went to Chicago specifically for Circle in the City...

Alpha Gamma Delta presents Circle in the City -a night all about our alumnae! Join us for an evening full of conversation, food, beverages, networking and fun with sisters. This event will include a cash bar. Grab your best sister-friend and head to Chicago for a night out! 
You don't want to miss our special guest, Jennifer Lyons, Rho—Iowa State University, and News Director of Chicago's WGN-Channel 9!

Please enjoy my photo diary:

Stan Mansion 
Stan Mansion is STUNNING! Honestly, it is in a beautiful neighborhood and the facility is amazing.

Made it on Snapchat with our Executive Director

Meeting my Twitter friend and sorority sister IRL, it's like meeting a CELEBRITY!

Circle in the City was a fabulous event. Every alumnae event that IHQ puts on is such a fun experience. Then of course, the Alpha Gam Boutique was there and even though the previous weekend when I was at IHQ and perusing the merch, and also buying up everything -- then I went and bought MORE!

No regrets!


KJB About Town: Chicago Day Three, Sunday

Now let's check out my last day in Chicago!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

On Saturday, on our way to The Bean, I noticed how close we were to the beach, my request- to go to the beach.

So Sunday morning, that's exactly what I got!

From the beach, we drove to Wicker Park, to have BRUNCH!

We went had brunch at The Bongo Room, guys- IT WAS DELICIOUS!

I had a wonderful weekend in Chicago! I cannot wait to go back- hopefully this summer with some more friends!

I love this "people mover" (if this has an official name, at 25- I'm not learning it).

The party never stops!



KJB About Town: Chicago Day Two, Saturday

Let's check out my second day in Chicago...

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The next day, we woke up and had yogurt and granola, our old school favorite, though it wasn't Mrs. Roberts' homemade granola, it was still a blast from the past in a way.

After having to be up at 7am on Friday to get ready to go to the airport, it was magical to not have to get up and do anything, we honestly didn't start out on our adventure until 1pm!

We drove from her apartment in the South Side (The Obamas' House had been down the street!) to her old stomping ground, Wicker Park.

From Wicker Park, we headed to... THE BEAN!

I had literally tworequest upon my visit from my friend, to go to The Bean! Cause, your girl LOVES photos! The second- the river they turn green... though I knew I was early (a week to be exact).

My friend came through.


After The Bean (Cloud Gate), we WALKED- yup!- my FitBit was doing OVER time, we saw the river, honestly- besides it being on Michigan Ave, I have NO idea what it's called...

Still not sure what this is called, or what's happening (please comment below if you know this).

But why were we walking you may be wondering...

We were going to the Sears Building. I had been when I went with my church in 8th grade. But instead of going to the Observation Deck and spending a bajillion dollars and hours in line, being we were all 21- we went to...

The Signature Room, honestly- do yourself a favor and GO TO THE SIGNATURE ROOM!

My BFF and her BF had a beer, me- I got the cheesecake. Honestly, "No RAGRETS."

The Signature Room seriously has the BEST view, even better- the Ladies' Room.

View from the Ladies' Room

Views from the Ladies' Room

Views from the Ladies' Room

Then because, the day wasn't just already the TITS... we walked to the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM. Please know that if I were to move to Chicago, I would need to live as close to this place as my budget would allow.

After Sprinkles, we went to Pequiod's for deep dish pizza. IT WAS BOMB.com.

After the pizza, we went to see Get Out (my third time in five days).

My second day in Chicago was a rip roaring success!


There's still one more!

Stay tuned...

WCW: Margaret Abrams Meets World

It's Wednesday~ which means it's time for another WCW... World Meet Margaret Abrams! I'm obsessed with her and in a short ...