This week's WCW is Emma from Seeking the South!

Can you tell me about your background? School? What set you up for this endeavor?
Hey y'all, I'm Emma! I'm a 22 year old college student and creator of Seeking the South. Well, I'm originally from Kansas City and that's where I started blogging. I've always been into writing and tech-y stuff, so blogging made perfect sense. Soon after I started Seeking the South, I moved to Fort Worth, TX to go to TCU (get it? seeking the south). I'll be a senior this coming year and will (hopefully) receive my degree in Marketing with a leadership emphasis next May!

If you’re not doing it, what would your dream job be?
Right now I've got my dream internship (at a digital marketing agency) but I would say my dream job would be something remote-- preferably in digital advertising or full-time blogging-- so I can travel whenever I want!

How important is social media to your business?
Social media IS my business. If I didn't have social media my blog wouldn't exist. I get probably 95% of my readers from social media.

What can others learn from you?

Oh god they can probably learn what not to do from me. I'm all over the place and I can't seem to do one thing for an extended period of time... but I guess if someone had to learn something from me it would be organization. Organization is key in no matter what you're doing, especially blogging. I wrote about how obsessed I was with my Erin Condren Life Planner here and I'm still obsessed. I've also started heavily using Google Calendar for work and Trello to organize blog posts.

How do you do under pressure? How do you handle stress?

I think I do best under pressure because it really puts a deadline in front of me. I joke with my friends that I procrastinate studying until the few days before a test because it really lights a fire under my ass (can I say ass?). I think I hate stress just as much as  the next person but being stressed means you're actually doing something with your life and you're doing things a lot of people can't do. I'd way rather be busy and stressed than totally free and bored.

What’s the average day in the life of Emma look like?

It's interesting because this has recently been a big change for me. Now that it's summer, I'm interning full-time, so that takes up most of my day. I'll work 9-6 usually (I love my job), then (attempt to) go to the gym (yes, I'm trying the Kayla Itsines fad). After this I'll probably make dinner and watch a little Netflix (if you haven't watched Bloodline yet... you're missing out). Finally, I do my best to work on my blog a little before bed. Whether this means writing a post, editing a picture or simply doing some Twitter engagement, I need to do something every day for my blog.

Why do you do what you do?

I started writing Seeking the South because I wanted to help young women similar to me. The original thought would be writing about sorority recruitment because I felt I knew a lot about it (always write what you know!). However, I realized I didn't want to box myself into such a specific niche. Since then, I've written on a range of topics, but I still love to write "how to" posts. I love getting comments or emails from women saying I really helped them or my post taught them something. There's really no better feeling than that.

What’s next for you?

What's next for me is really growing my blog, and my reach. I really want to get more serious about it and grow it as much as I can. The first step is posting more consistently and sharing it as much as possible. I don't see an end to Seeking the South, this is just the beginning!

 Thanks Emma!


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