KJB the Northern Californian

Sorry for being MIA. I've just been trying to get my bearings. 

Life has been different since moving to Davis. Aside from working, I spend most of my time with my pup, Thomas. We're either watching Criminal Minds or Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I've also spent quite a bit of money, cause retail therapy. We also go to the dog park three times a week. 

I also enjoy going to the movies. The prices of said movies have been alarming but they certainly don't stop me!

While I have been dreaming of moving back to California since moving to Ohio in 2002, Northern California is rather surprising.

For the past few years, I have been trying to figure out what I could do that would get me back to California. With my Fashion Merchandising degree I certainly wasn't going to start making the type of money I would need to live in NYC or LA. It would take time, but naturally, that was time I didn't necessarily have. The longer I was in Ohio, the longer I thought I was drowning. But how does one move when they have nothing in savings and works in retail. So I began to think about what I could do.

It took a few years, and becoming aware of the House Director position within sororities when I was meeting my chapters through my VST position. I realized that this was my way of making it the 3,000 miles back to California. I also started to save money.

When I was laid off in September, I was terribly upset but this golden opportunity with Kappa Alpha Theta arose. I had planned on starting to look in the coming months, April to be more exact so imagine my surprise when their was an opening right here in Davis.

I broke all my rules, I had wanted to save up $5,000 in my savings account, naturally I had about $700. Luckily, I was able to bring Thomas and suddenly this long shot became a reality.

While taking the three days to drive from Ohio to California, it was interesting and exhausting and I realized this was the first time I was moving anywhere without knowing anyone. In high school, my top two colleges already had at one friend there, then in Akron two people from my senior class came and then I joined my sorority sophomore year and the rest is history. It was the morning of the third day, the day I would arrive in Davis, that I became to wonder if I had been too impulsive.

That night when I made it to Davis, brought all my stuff out of my car and went to Target for sheets. While in the checkout line, I was barely keeping it together when the cashier asked how I was doing and I told her how I had just moved here from Ohio. She mentioned how brave I was, that she doesn't even drive to the neighboring town by herself... I left Target and cried in the parking lot.

I haven't cried since. Well about the move, Lady Bird and Wonder both got me.

We have almost survived our first quarter in Davis and by the time we go back to Ohio for Christmas, I'll have all my paperwork done to start to be considered a California resident.

Residency is my next step in total domination. So I can go to law school for the in state tuition, not that that will help me too much.

It's been an adventure these last few weeks but it's been fun.

Stay tuned!



KJB Lately: California Adventure

So as you're aware in August, I was laid off after my then current position as Museum Shop Manager.


Over the next few weeks, I began my search for my next steps. I had originally wanted to get to two years with DACO and then look into moving West. Lucky for me, being laid off got the ball rolling that much quicker.

I began looking for a House Director position with a sorority on the West Coast, preferably California.

After some odd weeks, everything seemed to fall into place. Somehow there was a position available at UC Davis.


So I packed up and moved across the country to start a new adventure with myself and Thomas!

And what a mighty adventure it has been the past two weeks. 


KJB Lately: Graduate Student

Since November 2016, my resolve to go to law school was renewed. So I began my search, I decided to start looking into graduate school. In March 2017, I began at Indiana Wesleyan University for my MPA in Non-profit Leadership.

I'll graduate in December 2018.

My next steps will be LSAT, all the prep that comes along with that and then- hopefully Law School. I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get into UC Davis.

So this is the grand scheme... the second step I suppose in total domination.

Whattayda think? 



KJB Lately

Hey y'all! I'm not sure what I'll be doing the next few weeks... but I can tell you that I'm basically the new Tami Laurie *shrugs*

What does that mean... you may ask. Well last Friday, I was told at the end of the day... that that would be my last day at work.... However, I have 2/3 weeks of paid leave before it officially takes effect... So like Tawnie, I'm being paid to not work....

When The Blaze originally cut Tony loose, I thought that girl has got it made in the shade. (*pun intended*)

Now that the shoe is on the other foot... being laid off is less than the ideal outcome...

But we march on.

So that's what's new with me...

I'll be seeing ya!



KJB About Town: Fairfield County Fair (October 13 & 14)

Last year, Mom & I moved across town and we never made it to the fair. So this year, being the last year that I'll definitely be in town, I had to make up for lost times!

Not to mention future lost time!

I had to get the Cattlemens Special (a delicious burger), chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick, steak on a stick, pizza! Of course, a lemonade shake up! Then Krazy Taters!

I went Friday night with Trent & Bekah and then we went to Ale House downtown for drinks and apps!

Trent & Bekah

The next day, I went to the Fair with Sara and Jen prior to my going away party!

I love sharing the Fair with people!

For one last time, it was a sweet farewell!



KJB About Town: Bon Voyage (October 14)

When Mom found out that I was heading to Davis, CA -- she decided that she wanted to throw me a going away party... October 14th was the day!

When Bekah Met Thomas

I had friends come down from Akron and I had friends from around town, not all pictured below.

There was delicious food and our favorite Giant Eagle cake (almond!).

This moment with the cake was my favorite, it was hilarious-- so many pictures and Come Clean playing in the background.

Recreating A Masterpiece

My BFF Gets Me

Who knew that moving across the country came with gifts.

Leaving a place is never easy and leaving good friends to hopefully make new friends -- is even harder. But I'm excited for this new adventure!



KJB About Town: Neeley's Farm (October 13)

Friday the 13th, started with mom and I planning on meeting The Sanderson Sisters (Brandi: Sarah and Asgaya: Mary) for tattoos... after waiting for over two hours, Brandi had to leave for work and mom and I decided to go to Columbus for First Watch. 

After First Watch, we decided to go back to the Pumpkin Patch/farm that we frequent- this time without Thomas and it did not disappoint. 

Neeley's Farm is our absolute favorite Lancaster locale!

October may be over- but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy some pumpkins! They're still a fall staple and it's November after all!


KJB's Travel Diary: Tuesday

Tuesday, we woke up in Evanston, Wyoming. It was 27 degrees.

Once we had breakfast and were gassed up, it took 8 minutes to get to Utah from Evanston. Wyoming into Utah was pretty. Utah was where I saw the first Del Taco of the trip!

Outside of Salt Lake City, I decided that I could live there, their overpass had 2002 Olympics, giving me serious MK&A vibes!

Utah into Nevada was pretty. Nevada alone was miserable. Reno/Sparks was actually really cool!

Nevada into California was definitely my favorite though!

We ended up in Tahoe! Tahoe is stunning but it had me wondering why the Laguna Beach kids would drive up here!

But after ending up in Sacramento during rush hour traffic and seeing a turn off for LA. I made it to my new home in Davis at 6pm!

Naturally, I got Thomas set up in my room. Had dinner that the chef had made (I'll certainly get used to that) and then I went to Target. I needed bed sheets, I bought Halloweentown 1-3 and barely escaped before crying in my car.


Since then I have not cried! Congrats to me! I have completed my training and Friday was my first solo day!

I'm excited to see what the rest of this adventure holds! Including but not limited to going to San Francisco next weekend for the day! Can you imagine?!



KJB the Northern Californian

Sorry for being MIA. I've just been trying to get my bearings.  Life has been different since moving to Davis. Aside from workin...